How psychometry works?

Of Buchanan's "souls" and Pagenstecher's "vibrations," the vibration theory is the one getting the most serious attention from researchers. "Psychics say the information is conveyed to them," writes Rosemary Ellen Guiley in Harper's Encyclopedia of Mystical & Paranormal Experience, "through vibrations imbued into the objects by emotions and actions in the past."

These vibrations are not just some New Age concept, they have a scientific basis as well.

In his book "The Holographic Universe," Michael Talbot says that psychometric abilities "suggest that the past is not lost, but still exists in some form accessible to human perception." With the scientific knowledge that all matter on a subatomic level exists essentially as vibrations, Talbot asserts that consciousness and reality exist in a kind of hologram that contains a record of the past, present and future; psychometrics may be able to tap into that record.

All actions, Talbot says, "instead of fading into oblivion, remain recorded in the cosmic hologram and can always be accessed once again."

Yet other psychical researchers think the information about an object's past is recorded in its aura - the field of energy surrounding every object. According to an article at The Mystica: "The connection between psychometry and auras is based on the theory that the human mind radiates an aura in all directions, and around the entire body which impresses everything within its orbit. All objects, no matter how solid they appear, are porous containing small or even minute holes. These minute crevices in the object's surface collect minute fragments of the mental aura of the person possessing the object. Since the brain generates the aura then something worn near the head would transmit better vibrations."

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